Slots Tips

Slots is a really fun and simple game to play. People having been looking for ways to beat slots machines for years, but it is not possible. Whether on land or online the slots machines have the casino edge. But, there are some slots games that can help increase the amount of time you play. Here are a few strategies to help increase your play time and odds of winning.

1. Risk less so you can play longer. That is right, stretch your bankroll. Make the money you begin with last as long as possible. Begin with the lowest coin, and if you are winning switch to a higher denomination. The longer you play without risking personal money, the more you chances of winning increases.

2. Choose the right slot machine to play. Take into account the size of the machine and your goals. If you would like a moderate jackpot, then choose a progressive machine. If you are okay with a small or moderate win, and would like to play for a longer period of time, choose a slot machine offering a small jackpot. d

3. Decide how much money you would like to spend or invest. You should know how much money you are going to spend per session. Stick to whatever you decide to spend. Do not get carried away and go over your limit. Casinos hope you will fall into the trap of trying to regain your losses. Do not assume if you make another deposit your luck will improve. The best move is to select a slot machine that allows you to change coin size. If things go wrong, switch to a smaller coin.

4. By all means go for the jackpot. Usually slot machines pay the higher jackpot for maximum coin play. So, if you are playing a three coin machine it might pay 300 coins for 1 coin, or 600 coins for 2 coins and 1200 coins if there are 3 coins in bet. In this case on progressive machines it is important to play the maximum amount of coins. If you prefer not to play the maximum amount of coins, then try a machine that does not pay a bonus for playing the maximum amount of coins.

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